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Haiti Sustainable Education (HSE)
12664 Tucano Circle
Boca Raton, FL 33428
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The School

Haiti Sustainable Education includes two very important aspects of educating the children of Grand-Bois, a model of education curriculum and the buildings and architecture in which that takes place.

The primary beneficiaries will be the children of Grand-Bois, however students from other communities will be allowed to apply. A minimum of 80 percent of the children will be from the Grand- Bois area. The school will be scholarship based and funded by donations, foundation and government grants, and income generated from renting the facilities during the summer months.

the site
the site

The architecture firm of Ann Clark Architects LLC in collaboration with Michelle Sakayan of Sakayan Inc. is in the process of designing a facility that meets the inherent needs of this type of school as well as a design that incorporates the realities of building in Haiti. HSE plans to design state of the art facilities that are also suitable to their rural setting. It will be necessary to be completely self-sufficient with consideration to construction in this part of Haiti and the design will integrate both active and passive energy solutions. In addition spaces and forms will be carefully considered to be that are inspiring and conducive to learning.