Why a Boarding School?

The district of Grand-Bois consists of five localities (Plaine Celeste 1, Plaine Celeste 2, Boucan Bois Pin 1, Boucan Bois Pin 2 and Genipailler), with a population of about 65,000 inhabitants The school will be built in the political and religious center of the commune in Boucan Bois Pin 1. There are no paved roads connecting these localities; and due to the montainous terrain, it takes an average of three to four hours on mule or foot to commute from one locality to another. In order to give the same opportunity to the children in all localities, HSE will operate as a boarding school.

children and dorien

Who Will be Teaching at the School?

The school will be operated by the 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Haiti Sustainable Education (HSE). The HSE team, including Haitian native and long time educator, Edwidge Dorelien, has called upon decades of educational experience at prestigious independent U.S. boarding schools and hard won lessons to create this new model that is so desperately needed in Haiti. Grand-Bois congressman, Lamarre Baptiste, has already endorsed HSE and the construction of the boarding school. HSE will also be meeting with members from the Ministry of National Education and Professional Formation (MENFP) to ensure that the school's vision and curriculum are aligned witht he new Haitian school reforms. The MENFP's mandate has focused on improving teacher quality, an they have taken many strides towards that goal. Many foundations and organizations are also focusing on teacher training. WIth the amount of certified teachers in Haiti and the quality of techer training programs increasing, HSE will have the ability to hire well qualified native teachers. Competitive salaries and housing accommodations provided by HSE for its faculty will be the key in attracting and retaining the very best certified teachers. In addition, we will have rotations of foreign teachers through future partnerships with universities that provide Masters in International Education.